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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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264                  THE GREEN FAIRY BOOK.
and a beautifully spread table will stand before you, with the most delicious food on it, so that you can eat as much as you want. And when you have had enough and don't want the little table any more, you have only to say,
" ' Little goat, bleat; Little table, away,'
and then it will vanish." Then the wise woman went awav.
But Little Two-eyes thought, "I must try at once if what she has told me is true, for I am more hungry than ever;" and she said,
" Little goat, bleat; Little table, appear,"
and scarcely had she uttered the words, when there stood a little table before her covered with a white cloth, on which were arranged a plate, with a knife and fork and a silver spoon, and the most beautiful dishes, which were smoking hot, as if they had just come out of the kitchen. Then Little Two-eyes said the shortest grace she knew and set to work and made a good dinner. And when she had had enough she said, as the wise woman had told her,
"Little goat, bleat; Little table, away,"
and immediately the table and all that was on it disap­peared again. "That is a splendid way of housekeeping," thought Little Two-eyes, and she was quite happy and contented.
In the evening, when she went home with her goat, she found a little earthenware dish with the food that her sisters had thrown to her, but she did not touch it. The next day she went 'out again with her goat, and left the few scraps which were given her. The first and second times her sisters did not notice this, but when it happened continually they remarked it and said: "Something is the matter with Little Two-eyes, for she always leaves her food now, and she used to "gobble up all that was given her. She must have found other means of getting food." So in order to get at the truth, Little One -eye was told to go out with Little Two-eyes when she drove the goat to
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