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pasiure, and to notice particularly what she got there and whether any one brought her food and drink.
Now, when Little Two eyes was setting out Little One-eye came up to her and said: "I will go into the fields with you and see if you take good care of the goat and if you drive him properly to get grass.'' But Little Two-eyes saw what Little One-eye had in her mind, and she drove the goat into the long grass and said: "Come, Little One-eye, we will sit down here, and I will sing you something."
Little One-eye sat down, and as she was very much tired by the long walk, to which she was not used, and by the hot day, and as Little Two-eyes went on singing
"Little One-eye, are you awake? Little One-eye, are you asleep?"
she shut her one eye and fell asleep. When Little Two-eyes saw that Little One-eye was asleep and could find out nothing, she said,
" Little goat, bleat; Little table, appear,"
and sat down at her table and ate and drank as much as she wanted. Then she said again,
" Little goat, bleat; Little table, away,"
and in the twinkling of an eye all had vanished.
Little Two-eyes then woke Little One-eye and said: "Little One-eye, you meant to watch, and instead you went to sleep; in the mean time the goat might have run far and wide. Come, we will go home." So they went home, and Little Two-eyes again left her little dish untouched, and Little One-eye could not tell her mother why she would not eat, and said as an excuse: "I was so sleepy out of doors."
The next day the mother said to Little Three-eyes: "This time you shall go with Little Two-eyes and watch whether she eats anything out in the fields and whether any one brings her food and drink, for eat and drink she must secretly." So Little Three-eyes went to Little Two-eyes and said: "I will go with you and see if you take
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