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good care of the goat and if you drive him properly to get grass." But Little Two-eyes knew what Little Three-eves had in her mind, and she drove the goat out into the tall grass and said: "We will sit down here, Little Three-eyes, and I will sing you something." Little Three-eyes sat down; she was tired by the walk and the hot day, and Little Two-eyes sang the same little song again,
" Little Three-eyes, are you awake?" but instead of singing as she ought to have done,
" Little Three-eyes, are you asleep?" she sang, without thinking,
" Little Two-eyes, are you asleep?" She went on singing,
" Little Three-eyes, are you awake? Little Two-eyes, are you asleep?"
so that the two eyes of Little Three-eyes fell asleep, but the third, which was not spoken to in the little rhyme, did not fall asleep. Of course Little Three-eyes shut that eye also out of cunning, to look as if she were asleep, but it was blinking and could see everything quite well.
And when Little Two-eyes thought that Little Three-eyes was sound asleep she said her rhyme,
"Little goat, bleat; Little table, appear,"
and ate and drank to her heart's content, and then made the table go away again by saying,
" Little goat, bleat; Little table, away."
But Little Three-eyes had seen everything. Then Little Two-eyes came to her and woke her and said:
"Well, Little Three-eyes, have you been asleep? You watch well! Come, we will go home.', When they reached home Little Two eyes did not eat again, and Little Three-eyes said to the mother: "I know now whv that proud thing eats nothing. When she says to the goat in the field,                                                      '
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