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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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" 'Little goal, bleat; Little table, appear,'
a table stands before her, spread with the best food, much better than we have; and when she has had enough she
" * Little goat, bleat;
Little table, away,'                               ,
and everything disappears again. I saw it all exactly. She made two of my eyes go to sleep with a little rhyme, but the one in my forehead remained awake, luckily I"
Then the envious mother cried out: "Will you fare better than we do? You shall not have the chance to do so again!" And she fetched a knife and killed the goat.
When Little Two-eyes saw this, she went out full of grief and sat down in the meadow and wept bitter tears. Then again the wise woman stood before her and said: "Little Two-eyes, what are you crying for?" "Have I not reason to cry?" she answered. "The goat which when I said the little rhyme spread the table so beauti­fully my mother has killed, and now I must suffer hunger and want again." The wise woman said: "Little Two-eyes, I will give you a good piece of advice. Ask your
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