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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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o-,)                     THE GREEN FAIRY BOOK.
his father's nastle. There he gave her beautiful clothes and food and drink, and because he loved her so much he married her, and the wedding was celebrated with great
joy-When the handsome knight carried Little Two-eyes
away with him the two sisters envied her good luck at
first. "But the wonderful tree is still with us, after all,"
they thought, "and although we cannot break any fruit
from it, every one will stop and look at it and will come
to us and praise it. Who knows whether we may not reap
a harvest from it?" But the next morning the tree had
flown, and their hopes with it; and when Little Two-eyes
looked out of her window there it stood underneath, to
her great delight. Little Two-eyes lived happily for a
long time. Once two poor women came to the castle to
beg alms. Then Little Two-eyes looked at them and
recognized both her sisters, Little One-eye and Little
Three-eyes, who had become so poor that they came to
beg bread at her door. But Little Two-eyes bade them
welcome, and was so good to them that they both repented
from their hearts of having been so unkind to their sister.*
* Grimm.
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