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" My little bird with throat so red Sings sorrow, sorrow, sorrow; He sings to the little dove that's dead, Sings sorrow, sor-----jug, jug, jug."
Joringel looked up at Jorinde. She had been changed into a nightingale, who was singing "jug, jug." A night-owl with glowing eyes flew three times round her and screeched three times "tu-whit! tu-whit! tu-whoo!" Joringel could not stir; he stood there like a stone; he could not weep, or speak, or move hand or foot. Now the sun set. The owl flew into a bush, and immediately an old, bent woman came out of it; she was yelllow-skinned and thin, and had large red eyes and a hooked nose which met her chin. She muttered to herself, caught the night­ingale, and carried her away in her hand. Joringel could say nothing; he could not move from the spot, and the nightingale was gone. At last the woman came back again and said in a gruff voice: "Good-evening, Zachiel. When the young moon shines in the basket you are freed early, Zachiel." Then Joringel was free. He fell on his knees before the old woman and implored her to give him back his Jorinde, but she said he should never have her again, and then went away. He called after her, he wept and lamented, but all in vain. "What is to become of me!" he thought.
Then he went away and came at last to a strange village, where he kept sheep for a long time. He often went round the castle while he was there, but never too close. At last he dreamed one night that he had found a blood-red flower which had in its center a beautiful large pearl. He plucked this flower and went with it to the castle, and there everything which he touched with the flower was freed from the enchantment, and he got his Jorinde back again through it. When he awoke in the morning he began to seek mountain and valley to find such a flower. He sought it for eight days, and on the ninth, early in the morning, he found the blood-red flower. In its center was a large dewdrop, as big as the most lovely pearl. He traveled day and night with this flower till ho arrived at the castle. When he came within a hundred paces of it he did not cease to be able to move, but he went on till he reached the gate. He was delighted at his success, touched the great gate with the flower, and it sprang open.
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