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JORINDE AND JORINGEL.                     2?3
He entered, passed through the court-yard, and then stopped to listen for the singing of the birds. At last he heard it.
He went in and found the hall in which was the enchantress, and with her seven thousand birds in their wicker cages. When she saw Joringel she was furious and breathed out poison and gall at him, but she could not move a step toward him. He took no notice of her and went and looked over the cages of birds; but there were many hundred nightingales, and how was he to find his Jorinde from among them? While he was considering, he observed the old witch take up a cage secretly and go with it toward the door. Instantly he sprang after her, touched the cage with the flower, and the old woman as well. Now she could no longer work enchantments, and there stood Jorinde before him, with her arms round his neck and more beautiful than ever. Then he turned all the other birds again into maidens, and he went home with his Jorjnde, and they lived a long and happy life.*
* Grimm.
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