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"This will be quite impossible, and I shall not have to marry some one I do not care for."
The king, however, was not to be turned from his pur­pose, and he commanded the most skilled maidens in his kingdom to weave the three dresses, one as golden as the sun, and one as silver as the moon, and one as shining as the stars; and he gave orders to all his huntsmen to catch one of every kind of beast in the kindorn and to get a bit of its skin to make the cloak of a thousand pieces of fur»
At last, when all was ready, the king commanded the cloak to be brought to him, and he spread it out before the princess and said: "To-morrow shall be your wed­ding-day." When the princess saw that there was no more hope of changing her father's resolution, she deter­mined to flee away.
In the night, when every one else was sleeping, she got up and took three things from her treasures, a gold ring, a little gold spinning-wheel, and a gold reel. She put the sun, moon, and star dresses in a nut-shell, drew on the
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