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ALLERLEIRAUH.                             277
and took out the dress as golden as the sun. And when she had done this she went up to the feast, and every one stepped out of her way, for nobody knew her, and they thought she must he a king's daughter. But the king came toward her and gave her his hand, and danced with her, thinking to himself, "My eyes have never beheld any one so fair!" When the dance was ended she courtesied to him, and when the king looked round she had disap­peared, no one knew whither. The guards who were standing before the palace were called and questioned, but no one had seen her.
She had run to her little room and had quickly taken off her dress, made her face and hands black, put on the fur cloak, and was once more the many-furred creature. When she came into the kitchen and was setting about her work of sweeping the ashes together the cook said to her: "Let that wait till to-morrow, and just cook the king's soup for me. I want to have a little peep at the company upstairs. But be sure that you do not let a hair fall into it, otherwise you will get nothing to eat in future!" So the cook went away, and the many-furred creature cooked the soup for the king. She made a bread-soup as well as she possibly could, and when it was done she fetched her gold ring from her little room and laid it in the tureen in which the soup was to be served up.
When the dance was ended the king had his soup brought to him and ate it, and it was so good that he thought he had never tasted such soup in his life. But when he came to the bottom of the dish he saw a gold ring lying there, and he could not imagine how it got in. Then he commanded the cook to be brought before him. The cook was terrified when he heard the command and said to the many-furred creature: "You must have let a hair fall into the soup, and if you have you deserve a good beating!'
When he came before the king, the king asked who had cooked the soup. The cook answered: "I cooked it." But the king said: "That's not true, for it was quite different and much better soup than you have ever cooked." Then the cook said: "I must confess. I did not cook the soup; the many-furred creature did." "Let her be brought before me," said the king.
When the many-furred creature came the king asked
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