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beautiful dress, but only threw the fur cloak over it, and in her haste did not make herself quite black with the soot, one finger remaining white.
The many-furred creature now ran into the kitchen, cooked the king's bread-soup, and when the cook had gone she laid the gold reel in the dish. When the king found the reel at the bottom he had the many-furred creature brought to him, and then he saw the white finger and the ring which he had put on her hand in the dance. Then he took her hand and held her tightly, and as she was trying to get away she undid the fur cloak a little bit and the star dress shone out. The king seized the cloak and tore it off her. Her golden hair came down, and she stood there in her full splendor and could not hide herself away any more. And when the soot and ashes had been washed from her face she looked more beautiful than any one in the world. But the king said: "You are my dear bride and we will never be separated from one another." So the wedding was celebrated and they lived happily ever after.*
* Grimm.
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