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the stone than it began to sink gently with him into the depths below. On reaching firm ground he found himself in a hall of much the same size as the upper one, but with much more in it to wonder at and admire. Bound the walls were several niches, in each of which stood glass vessels filled with some bright-colored spirit or bluish smoke. On the floor stood two large crystal boxes opposite each other, and these attracted his curiosity at once.
Stepping up to one of them, he saw within it what looked like a model in miniature of a fine castle sur­rounded by farms, barns, stables, and a number of other buildings. Everything was quite tiny, but so beautifully and carefully finished that it might have been the work of an accomplished artist. He would have continued gazing much longer at this remarkable curiosity had not +he voice desired him to turn round and look at the crystal coffin which stood opposite.
What was his amazement at seeing a girl of surpassing loveliness lying in it! She lay as though sleeping, and her long, fair hair seemed to wrap her round like some costly mantle. Her eyes were closed, but the bright color in her face and the movement of a ribbon, which rose and fell with her breath, left no doubt as to her being alive.
As the tailor stood gazing at her with a beating heart, the maiden suddenly opened her eyes and started with delighted surprise.
"Great heavens!" she cried, "my deliverance ap­proaches! Quick, quick, help me out of my prison. Only push back the bolt of this coffin and I am free."
The tailor promptly obeyed, when she quickly pushed back the crystal lid, stepped out of the coffin, and hurried to a corner of the hall, when she proceeded to wrap her­self in a large cloak. Then she sat down on a stone, desired the young man to come near, and giving him an affectionate kiss she said:
"My long-hoped-for deliverer, kind Heaven has led you to me and has at length put an end to all my sufferings. You are my destined husband, and beloved by me and endowed with every kind of riches and power, you shall spend the remainder of your life in peace and happiness. Now sit down and hear my story. I am the daughter of a wealthy nobleman. My parents died when I was verv young, and they left me to the care of my eldest brother,
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