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of my vision. The first thing is to place the glass box which contains my castle on this large stone."
As soon as this was done the stone gently rose through the air and transported them into the upper hall, whence they easily carried the box into the outer air. The lady then removed the lid, and it was marvelous to watch the castle, houses, and farm-yards begin to grow and spread themselves till they had regained their proper size. Then the young couple returned by means of the movable stone and brought up all the glass vessels filled with smoke. No sooner were they uncorked than the blue vapors poured out and became transformed to living people, in whom the lady joyfully recognized her many servants and attendants.
Her delight was complete when her brother (who had killed the magician under the form of a bull) was seen coming from the forest in his proper shape, and that very day, according to her promise, she gave her hand in mar­riage to the happy young tailor.*
* Grimm.
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