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"Daddy," said he, "do bring me a bagpipe." When the farmer came home he gave his wife and the maid the things they had asked for, and then he went behind the stove and gave Jack my Hedgehog the bagpipe.
When Jack had got his bagpipe he said: "Daddy, do go to the smithy and have the house cock shod for me. Then I'll ride off and trouble you no more." His father, who was delighted at the prospect of getting rid of him, had the cock shod, and when it was ready Jack my Hedge­hog mounted on its back and rode off to the forest, fol­lowed by all the pigs and asses which he had promised to look after.
Having reached the forest he made the cock fly up to the top of a very tall tree with him, and there he sat look­ing after his pigs and donkeys, and he sat on and on for several years till he had quite a big herd; but all this time his father knew nothing about him.
As he sat up in his tree he played away on his pipe and drew the loveliest music from it. As. he was playing one day a king, who had lost his way, happened to pass close by, and hearing the music he was much surprised, and sent one of his servants to find out where it came from. The man peered about, but he could see nothing but a little creature which looked like a cock with a hedgehog sitting on it perched up in a tree. The king desired the servant to ask the strange creature why it sat there, and if it knew the shortest way to his kingdom.
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