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in the event of Jack's coming the guards were to present arms, the people to cheer, and he was to be conducted in triumph to the royal palace.
When the king's daughter saw Jack my Hedgehog she was a good deal startled, for he certainly was very pecul­iar-looking; but after all she considered that she had given her word and it couldn't be helped. So she made Jack welcome and they were betrothed to each other, and at dinner he sat next "her at the royal table and they ate and drank together.
When they retired to rest the princess feared lest Jack should kiss her because of his prickles, but he told her not to be alarmed, as no harm should befall her. Then he begged the old king to place a watch of four men just outside his bedroom door and to desire them to make a big fire. When he was about to lie down in bed he would creep out of his hedgehog skin and leave it lying at the bedside; then the men must rush in, throw the skin into the fire, and stand by till it was entirely burned up.
And so it was, for when it struck eleven Jaok my Hedgehog went to his room, took off his s in, and left it at the foot of the bed. The men rushed in, quickly seized the skin, and threw it on the fire, and directly it was all burned Jack was released from his enchantment and lay in his bed a man from head to foot, but quite black, as though he had been severely scorched.
The king sent off for his physician in ordinary, who washed Jack all over with various essences and salves, so that he became white and was a remarkably handsome young man. When the king's daughter saw him she was greatly pleased, and next day the marriage ceremony was performed, and the old king bestowed his kingdom on Jack my Hedgehog.
After some years Jack and his wife went to visit his father, but the farmer did not recognize him and declared he had no son; he had had one, but that one was born with bristles like a hedgehog and had gone off into the wide world. Then Jack told his story, and his old father rejoiced and returned to live with him in his kingdom.*
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