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"Now just wait while I fetch my scissors," said he, and he left the bear growling away to his heart's content, while he lay down in a corner and fell fast asleep.
When the princess heard the bear growling so loud that night, she made sure he was roaring with delight as he worried the tailor. Next morning she rose feeling quite cheerful and free from care, but when she looked across toward the stables, there stood the tailor in front of the door looking as fresh and lively as a fish in the water.
After this it was impossible to break the promise she had in He so publicly, so the king ordered out the state coach to take her and the tailor to church to be married.
As they were starting, the two bad-hearted other tailors, who were envious of the younger one's happiness, went to the stable and unscrewed the bear. Off he tore after the carriage, foaming with rage. The princess heard his puffing and roaring, and growing frightened she cried: "Oh, dear! the bear is after us and will certainly catch us up!" The tailor remained quite unmoved. He quietly stood on his head, stuck his legs out at the carriage win-dow, and called out to the bear: "Do yon see my stocks? If you don't go home this minute I'll screw you tight into them." When the bear saw and heard this he turned right round and ran off as fast as his legs would carry him. The tailor drove on unmolested to church, where he and the princess were married, and he lived with her many years as happy and merry as a lark. Whoever does not believe this story must pay a dollar.*
* Grimm.
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