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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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336                      THE GREEN FAIRY BOOK.
tures all over from the beginning. The poor old father grew very sad when he heard of the shameful conduct of his elder" sons, and had them called before him. They turned as white as death when they saw their brother, whom they thought they had murdered, standing beside them alive and well, and so startled were they that when the king asked them why they had behaved so wickedly to their brother they could think of no lie, but confessed at once that they had slain the young prince in order to obtain possession of the golden horse and the golden bird. Their father's wrath knew no bounds, and he ordered them both to be banished, but he could not do enough to honor his youngest son, and his marriage with the beautiful mermaid was celebrated with much pomp and magnifi­cence. When the festivities were over, the wolf bade them all farewell and returned once more to his life in the woods, much to the regret of the old king and the young prince and his bride.
And so ended the adventures of the prince with his friend the wolf.*
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