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The wild boar got up in a dreadful fright, gave one loud grunt, and disappeared into the wood. But the cat was even more startled than the boar, and spitting with terror she scrambled up into the fork of the tree, and as it hap­pened right into the bear's face. Now it was the bear's turn to be alarmed, and with a mighty growl he jumped down from the oak and fell right on the top of the wolf and killed him as dead as a stone.
On their way home from the war the fox caught a score of mice, and when they reached Simon's cottage he put them all on the stove and said to the cat: "Now go and fetch one mouse after the other and lay them down before your master."
"All right," said the cat, and did exactly as the fox told her.
When Susan saw this she said to her husband: "Just look. Here is our old cat back again, and see what a lot of mice she has caught."
"Wonders will never cease," cried Simon. "I cer­tainly never thought the old cat would ever catch another mouse."
But Susan answered: "There, you see, I always said our cat was a most excellent creature—but you men always think you know best."
In the mean time the fox said to the dog: "Our friend Simon has just killed a pig. When it gets a little darker you must go into the court-yard and bark with all your might."
"All right," said the dog, and as soon as it grew dusk he began to bark loudly.
Susan, who heard him first, said to her husband: "Our dog must have come back, for I hear him barking lustily. Do go out and see what's the matter. Perhaps thieves may be stealing our sausages."
But Simon answered, "The foolish brute is as deaf as a post and is always barking at nothing," and he refused to get up.
The next morning Susan got up early to go to church at the neighboring town, and she thought she would take some sausages to her aunt who lived there. But when she went to her larder she found all the sausages gone and a great hole in the floor. She called out to her husband: "I was perfectly right. Thieves have been here last night
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