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THE FISHERMAN AND HIS WIFE.               343
"Alas!" said the man, "why should I go down there again?"
"Why," said his wife, "you caught him and then let him go again, so he is sure to give you what you ask. Go down quickly."
The man did not like going at all, but as his wife was not to be persuaded he went down to the sea. '
When he came there the sea was quite green and yellow and was no longer shining. So he stood on the shore and said:
" Once a prince, but changed you be Into a flounder in tbe sea. Come! for my wife, llsebel, Wisbes what I dare not tell."
Then the flounder came swimming up and said: "Well, what does she want?"
"Alas!" said the man, "my wife says I ought to have kept you and wished something from you. She does not want to live any longer in the hut. She would like a cottage."
"Go home, then," said the flounder. "She has it."
S0 the man went home, and there was his wife no longer
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