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So he had to go. But as he went he felt quite fright ened, and he thought to himself, "This can't be right; to be emperor is too ambitious; the flounder will be tired out at last."
Thinking this he came to the shore. The sea was quite black and thick and it was breaking high on the beach; the foam was flying about and the wind was blowing; everything looked bleak. The fisherman was chilled with fear. He stood and said:
" Once a prince, but changed you be Into a flounder in the sea. Come! for my wife, Ilsebel, Wishes what I dare not tell."
"What does she want now?" asked the flounder.
"Alas! flounder," he said, "my wife wants to be emperor."
"Go home," said the flounder. "She is that already."
So the fisherman went home, and when he came there he saw the whole castle was made of polished marble, ornamented with alabaster statues and gold. Before the gate soldiers were marching, blowing trumpets, and beat­ing drums. Inside the palace were walking barons, counts, and dukes, acting as servants; they opened the door, which was of beaten gold And when he entered he saw his wife upon a throne which was made out of a single block of gold and which was quite six cubits high. She had on a great golden crown which was three yards high and set with brilliants and sparkling gems. In one hand she held a scepter and in the other the imperial globe, and on either side of her stood two rows of halberdiers, each smaller than the other, from a seven-foot giant to the tiniest little dwarf no higher than mv little finger. Many princes and dukes were standing before her. The fisherman went up to her quietly and said:
"Wife, you are emperor now?"
"Yes," she said, "I am emperor."
He stood looking at her magnificence, and when he had watched her for some time said:
'Ah, wife, let that be enough, now that you are emperor."
"Husband," said she, "why are you standing there? I am emperor now, and I want to b,e pope tOQ, Go down to the flounder                                   
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