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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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Alas! wife," said the fisherman, "what more do you want? You cannot be pope. There is only one pope in Christendom, and he cannot make yon that."
"Husband," she said, "I will be pope. Go down quickly. I must be pope to-day."
"No, wife," said the fisherman, "I can't ask him that. It is not right. It is too much. The flounder cannot make you pope."
"Husband, what nonsense!" said his wife. "If he can make emperor he can make pope too. Go down this
instant. I am emperor and you are my husband. Will you be off at once?"
So he was frightened and went out; but he felt quite faint and trembled and shook, and his knees and legs began to give way under him. The wind was blowing fiercely across the land, and the clouds flying across the sky looked as gloomy as if it were night; the leaves were being blown from the trees; the water was foaming and seething and dashing upon the shore, and in the distance he saw the ships in great distress, dancing and tossing on the waves. Still the sky was very blue in the middle, although at the sides it was an angry red as in a great storm. So he stood shuddering in anxiety and said:
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