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Once upon a time three musicians left their home and get out on their travels. They had all learned music from the same master, and they determined to stick together and to seek their fortune in foreign lands. They wandered merrily from place to place and made quite a good living, and were much appreciated by every one who heard them play. One evening they came to a village where they delighted all the company with thoir beautiful music. At last they ceased playing, and began to eat and drink and listen to the talk that was going on around them. They heard all the gossip of the place, and many wonder­ful things were related and discussed. At last the con­versation fell on a castle in the neighborhood, about which many strange and marvelous things were told. One person said that hidden treasure was to be found there; another that the richest food was always to be had there, although the castle was uninhabited; and a third that an evil spirit dwelt within the walls, so terribie that any one who forced his way into the castle came out of it more dead than alive.
As soon as the three musicians were alone in their bed­room they agreed to go and examine the mysterious castle and if possible to find and carry away the hidden treasure. They determined, too, to make the attempt separately, one after the other, according to age, and they settled that a whole day was to be given to each adventurer in which to try his luck.
The fiddler was the first to set out on his adventures, and did so in the best of spirits and full of courage. When he reached the castle he found the outer gate open, quite as if he were an expected guest, but no sooner had he stepped across the entry than the heavy door closed behind him with a bang, and was bolted with a huge iron bar, exactly as if a sentinel were doing his office and
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