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THE THREE MUSICIANS.                      355
exactly as it had to the fiddler. He was just as hospitably entertained at first, and then just as cruelly beaten and belabored, so that next morning he too lay in his bed like a wounded hare, assuring his friends that the task of get­ting into the haunted castle was no enviable one. Not­withstanding the warning of his companions, the third musician, who played the flute, was still determined to try his luck, and full of courage and daring he set out, re­solved, if possible, to find and secure the hidden treasure.
Fearlessly he wandered through the whole castle, and as he roamed through the splendid empty apartments he thought to himself how nice it would be to live there always, especially with a full larder and cellar at his disposal. A table was spread for him too, and when he had wandered about for some time, singing and playing the flute, he sat down as his companions had done, pre­pared to enjoy the delicious food that was spread out in front of him. Then the little man with the beard entered
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