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There was once upon a time a shepherd who had two children, a son and a daughter. When he was on his death-bed he turned to them and said: "I have nothing to leave you but three sheep and a small house; divide them between you as you like, but don't quarrel over them, whatever you do."
When the shepherd was dead, the brother asked his sister which she would like best, the sheep or the little house; and when she had chosen the house he said: "Then I'll take the sheep and go out to seek my fortune in the wide world. I don't see why I shouldn't be as lucky as many another who has set out on the same search, and it wasn't for nothing that I was born on a Sunday."
And so he started on his travels, driving his sheep tin front of him, and for a long time it seemed as if fortune didn't mean to favor him at all. One day he was sitting disconsolately at a cross-road, when a man suddenly appeared before him with three black dogs, each one bigger than the other.
"Hullo, my fine fellow," said the man. "I see you have three fat sheep. I'll tell you what: if you'll give them to me I'll give you my three dogs."
In spite of his sadness the youth smiled and replied: "What would I do with your dogs? My sheep at least feed themselves, but I should have to find food for the dogs."
"My dogs are not like other dogs," said the stranger. "They will feed you instead of you them, and will make your fortune. The smallest one is called Salt and will bring you food whenever you wish. The second is called Pepper and will tear any one to pieces who offers to hurt you. And the great big strong one is called Mustard,
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