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' Oh, ho! ' they said, ' that is old Valentine's pony; it must have escaped from its stable, and is going down to drink at the horse-pond.'
' My pretty little pony,' said the eldest, patting the creature with his hand, ' you must n't run too far; I '11 take you to the pond myself.'
With these words he jumped on the pony's back and was quickly followed by his second brother, then by the third, and so on, till at last they were all astride the little
beast, down to the small Richard, who did n't like to be left behind.
On the way to the pond they met several of their companions, and they invited them all to mount the pony, which they did, and the little creature did not seem to mind the extra weight, but trotted merrily along.
The quicker it trotted the more the young people enjoyed the fun; they dug their heels into the pony's sides and called out, ' Gallop, little horse, you have never had such brave riders on your back before!'
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