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And the lamb's flesh answered:
' He is your brother, And cousin of the other.'
' What did it say, Dschemila? ' asked the ogre.
' Only that it was ready, and that I had better take it off the fire.'
'Then if it is ready, bring it to me, and I will eat it.'
So she brought it to him, and while he was eating she supped of the lamb's flesh herself, and managed to put some aside for her cousin.
When the ogre had finished, and had washed his hands, he said to Dschemila: ' Make my bed, for I am tired.'
So she made his bed, and put a nice soft pillow for his head, and tucked him up.
' Father,' she said suddenly.
' Well, what is it?'
'Dear father, if you are really asleep, why are your eyes always open ? '
' Why do you ask that, Dschemila? Do you want to deal treacherously with me? '
' No, of course not, father. How could I, and what would be the use of it? '
' Well, why do you want to know?'
' Because last night I woke up and saw the whole place shining in a red light, which frightened me.'
' That happens when I am fast asleep.'
' And what is the good of the pin you always keep here so carefully ? '
' If I throw that pin in front of me, it turns into an iron mountain.'
' And this darning needle?'
'That becomes a sea.'
'And this hatchet?'
' That becomes a thorn hedge, which no one can pass
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