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through. But why do you ask all these questions? I am sure you have something in your head.'
'Oh, I just wanted to know; and how could anyone find me out here? ' and she began to cry.
' Oh, don't cry, I was only in fun,' said the ogre.
He was soon asleep again, and a yellowr light shone through the castle.
' Come quick!' called Dschemil from the chest; ' we must fly now while the ogre is asleep.'
' Not yet,' she said, ' there is a yellow light shining. I don't think he is asleep.'
So they waited for an hour. Then Dschemil whispered again : ' Wake up! There is no time to lose !'
' Let me see if he is asleep,' said she, and she peeped in, and sawr a red light shining. Then she stole back to her cousin, and asked, ' But how are wre to get out? '
' Get the rope, and I will let you down.'
So she fetched the rope, the hatchet, and the pin and the needles, and said, ' Take them, and put them in the pocket of your cloak, and be sure not to lose them.'
Dschemil put them carefully in his pocket, and tied the rope round her, and let her down over the wall.
' Are you safe?' he asked.
' Yes, quite.'
' Then untie the rope, so that I may draw it up.'
And Dschemila did as she was told, and in a few minutes he stood beside her.
Now ail this time the ogre was asleep, and had heard nothing. Then his dog came to him and said, ' O, sleeper, are you having pleasant dreams? Dschemila has for­saken you and run away.'
The ogre got out of bed, gave the dog a kick, then went back again, and .slept till morning.
When it grew light, he rose, and called, 'Dschemila! Dschemila!' but he only heard the echo of his own voice ! Then he dressed himself quickly ; buckled on his sword
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