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52                        THE STORY OF
while the ogre and his dog kept drawing always nearer. A few more steps, and he would have been by their side, when Dschemila threw the darning needle behind her. In a moment it became an iron mountain between them and their enemy.
' We will break it down, my dog and I,' cried the ogre in a rage, and they dashed at the mountain till they had forced a path through, and came ever nearer and nearer.
' Cousin !' said Dschemila suddenly.
' What is it?'
' The ogre is coming after us with his dog.'
'You go on in front then,' answered he; and they both ran on as fast as they could, while the ogre and the dog drew always nearer and nearer.
' They are close upon us!' cried the maiden, glancing behind, ' you must throw the pin.'
So Dschemil took the pin from his cloak and threw it behind him, and a dense thicket of thorns sprang up round them, which the ogre and his dog could not pass through.
' I will get through it somehow, if I burrow under­ground,' cried he, and very soon he and the dog were on the other side.
' Cousin,' said Dschemila, ' they are close to us now.'
' Go on in front, and fear nothing,' replied Dschemil.
So she ran on a little way, and then stopped.
' He is only a few yards away now,' she said, and Dschemil flung the hatchet on the ground, and it turned Into a lake.
' I will drink, and my dog shall drink, till it is dry,' shrieked the ogre, and the dog drank so much that it burst and died. But the ogre did not stop for that, and soon the whole lake was nearly dry. Then he exclaimed, ' Dschemila, let your head become a donkey's head, and your hair fur!'
But when it was done, Dschemil looked at her in
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