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and combed her hair with the comb, and she had no longer an ass's head, but the face of a beautiful maiden.
Great was the joy of both mother and cousin at this wonderful sight, and the news that Dschemila had returned soon spread, and the neighbours came flocking in with greetings.
' When did you come back? '
'My cousin brought me.'                  ,
' Why, he told us he could not find you ! '
' Oh, I did that on purpose,' answered Dschemil. ' I did not want everyone to know.'
Then he turned to his father and his mother, his brothers and his sisters-in-law, and said, ' We must set to work at once, for the wedding will be to-day.'
A beautiful litter was prepared to carry the bride to her new home, but she shrank back, saying, ' I am afraid, lest the ogre should carry me off again.'
' How can the ogre get at you when we are all here ? ' they said. 'There are two thousand of us all told, and every man has his sword.'
' He will manage it somehow,' answered Dschemila, ' he is a powerful king! '
' She is right,' said an old man. ' Take away the litter, and let her go on foot if she is afraid.'
' But it is absurd ! ' exclaimed the rest; ' how can the ogre get hold of her? '
' I will not go,' said Dschemila again. ' You do not know that monster; I do.'
And while they were disputing the bridegroom arrived.
' Let her alone. She shall stay in her father's house. After all, I can live here, and the wedding feast shall be made ready.'
And so they were married at last, and died without having had a single quarrel.
[Marchen uud Gedichte aus der Stadt Tripolis.]
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