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THE THIEF AND THE LIAR            71
' Come next Saturday, and I will give them to you,' answered the thief. But as he had no intention of giving the liar the money, when Saturday morning came he stretched himself out stiff and stark upon the bed, and told his wife she was to say he was dead. So the wife rubbed her eyes with an onion, and when the liar appeared at the door, she met him in tears, and told him that as her husband was dead he could not be paid the three florins.
But the liar, who knew his partner's tricks, instantly suspected the truth, and said : 'As he has not paid me, I. will pay him out with three good lashes of my riding whip.'
At these words the thief sprang to his feet, and, appearing at the door, promised his partner that if he Would return the following Saturday he would pay him. So the liar went away satisfied with this promise.
But when Saturday morning came the thief got up
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