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88               THE GOAT-FACED GIRL
beginning of better things and the end of all our misery. Therefore go and take the child to her, for my heart tells ine that you will never repent doing so.'
Masaniello was much comforted by her words, and next morning as soon as it was light he took his little daughter by the hand and led her to the cave.
The lizard, who was awaiting the peasant's arrival, came forward to meet him, and taking the girl by the hand, she gave the father a sack full of gold, and said: ' Go and marry your other daughters, and give them dowries with this gold, and be of good cheer, for Kenzolla will have both father and mother in me; it is a great piece of luck for her that she has fallen into my hands.'
Masaniello, quite overcome with gratitude, thanked the lizard, and returned home to his wife.
As soon as it was known how rich the peasant had become, suitors for the hands of Lis daughters were not wanting, and very soon he married them all off; and even then there was enough gold left to keep himself and his wife in comfort and plenty all their days.
As soon as the lizard was left alone with Renzolla, she changed the cave into a beautiful palace, and led the girl inside. Here she brought her up like a little prin­cess, and the child wanted for nothing. She gave her sumptuous food to eat, beautiful clothes to wear, and a thousand servants to wait on her.
Now, it happened, one day, that the king of the country was hunting in a wood close to the palace, and was over­taken by the dark. Seeing a light shining in the palace he sent one of his servants to ask if he could get a night's lodging there.
When the page knocked at the door the lizard changed herself into a beautiful woman, and opened it herself. When she heard the king's request she sent him a message to sav that she would be delighted to see him, and give him all he wanted.
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