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This terrified the Draken, for they believed that Lazarus took their blows for gnat-stings, and they determined at any price to get rid of him. . Next morning, therefore, they asked him if he had not wife or child, and said that if he would like to go and visit them they would give him a bag of gold to take away with him. He agreed willingly to this, but asked further that one of the Draken should go with him to carry the bag of gold. They consented, and one was sent with him.
When they had come to within a short distance of Lazarus's house, he said to the Draken : ' Stop here, in the meantime, for I must go on in front and tie up my children, lest they eat you.'
So he went and tied his children with strong ropes, and said to them: 'As soon as the Draken comes in sight, call out as loud as you can, " Drakenflesh! Drakenflesh! " '
So, when the Draken appeared, the children cried out; ' Draken flesh ! Draken flesh ! ' and this so terrified the Draken that he let the bag fall and fled.
On the road he met a fox, which asked him why he seemed so frightened. He answered that he was afraid of the children of Herr Lazarus, who had been within a hair-breadth of eating him up.
But the fox laughed, and said: ' What! you were afraid of the children of Herr Lazarus? He had two fowls, one of which I ate yesterday, the other I will go and fetch now If you do not believe me, come and see for yourself; but you must first tie yourself on to my tail.'
The Draken then tied himself on to the fox's tail, and went back thus with it to Lazarus's house, in order to see what it would arrange. There stood Lazarus with his gun raised ready to fire, who, when he saw the fox coming along with the Draken, called out to the fox : ' Did I not tell bring me all the Draken, and you bring me only one? '
When the Draken heard that he made off to the right-
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