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THE WHITE WOLF                  1G9
' I do not want rich treasure,' replied the wolf. ' Only promise to give me the first thing that meets you on your wray to your castle. In three days I shall come and fetch it.'
And the king thought to himself: ' I am still a good long way from home, I am sure to meet a wild animal or a bird on the road, it will be quite safe to promise.' So he consented, and carried the wreath away with him. But all along the road he met no living creature till he turned into the palace gates, where his youngest daughter was waiting; to welcome him home.
That evening the king was very sad, remembering his promise; and when he told the queen what had happened, she too shed bitter tears. And the youngest princess asked them why they both looked so sad, and why they wept. Then her father told her what a price he would have to pay for the wreath of wild flowers he had brought home to her, for in three days a white wolf would come and claim her and carry her away, and they would never see her again. But the queen thought and thought, and at last she hit upon a plan.
There was in the palace a servant maid the same age and the same height as the princess, and the queen dressed her up in a beautiful dress belonging to her daughter, and determined to give her to the white wolf, who would never know the difference.
On the third day the wrolf strode Into the palace yard and up the great stairs, to the room where the king and queen were seated.
' I have come to claim your promise,' he said. i Give me your youngest daughter.'
Then they led the servant maid up to him, and he said to her: ' You must mount on my back, and I will take you to my castle.' And with these words he swung her on to his back and left the palace.
When they reached the place where he had met the king and given him the wreath of wild flowers, he
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