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' There ! that is the way to do it!' said he, ' I told you you knew nothing about it! '
The men slunk away, much ashamed of themselves; but the master came up to Mohammed. ' Get you gone !' he said, ' there is nothing more for you to do ! You have killed my mother, you have slain my children, you have stolen my sheep, you have drowned my cows; I have now no work to give you.'
' First give me the strip of your skin which belongs to me of right, as you have broken your contract!'
' That a judge shall decide,' said the master; ' we will go before him.'
' Yes, we will,' replied Mohammed. And they went before the judge.
' What is your case? ' asked the judge of the master.
' My lord,' said the man, bowing low, ' my shepherd here has robbed me of everything. He has killed my children and niy old mother; he has stolen my sheep, he has drowned my cows in the sea.'
The shepherd answered: ' He must pay me what he owes me, and then I will go.'
' Yes, that is the law,' said the judge.
'Very well,'returned the master, ' let him reckon up how long he has been in my service.'
' That won't do,' replied Mohammed, ' I want my strip of skin, as we agreed in the contract.'
Seeing there was no help for it, the master cut a bit of skin, and gave it to Mohammed, who went off at once to his uncle.
' Now we are rich, dear uncle,' cried he, ' we will sell our cows and sheep and go to a new country. This one is no longer the place for us.'
The sheep were soon sold, and the two comrades started on their travels. That night they reached some Bedouin tents, where they had supper witli the Arabs. Before they lay down to sleep, Mohammed called the
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