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200                                    BOBINO
' How can you know,' they said, ' that a band of robbers mean to attack us? Who told you so?'
' I know it from the dog's barking,' answered Bobino. ' I understand his language, and if I had not been here, the poor beast would have wasted his breath to no pur­pose. You had better follow my advice, if you wish to save your lives and property.'
The herdsmen were more and more astonished, but they decided to do as Bobino advised. They sent their wives and daughters upstairs, then, having armed them­selves, they took up their position behind a hedge, wait­ing for midnight.
Just as the clock struck twelve they heard the sound of approaching footsteps, and a band of robbers cau­tiously advanced towards the house. But the herdsmen were on the lookout; they sprang on the robbers from behind the hedge, and with blows from their cudgels soon put them to flight.
You may believe how grateful they were to Bobino, to whose timely warning they owed their safety. They begged him to stay and make his home with them ; but as he wanted to see more of the world, he thanked them warmly for their hospital ity, and set out once more on his wanderings. All day he walked, and in the evening he came to a peasant's house. While he was wondering whether he should knock and demand shelter for the night, he heard a great croaking of frogs in a ditch behind the house. Stepping to the back he saw a very strange sight. Four frogs were throwing a small bottle about
o                                                  O                                                      o
from one to the other, making a great croaking as they did so. Bobino listened for a few minutes, and then knocked at the door of the house. It was opened by the peasant, who asked him to come in and have some supper.
When the meal was over, his host told him that they were in great trouble, as his eldest daughter was so ill, that they feared she could not recover. A great doctor,
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