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THERE wras once upon a time a sheep-dog whose master was so unkind that he starved the poor beast, and ill-treated him in the cruellest manner. At last the dog determined to stand this ill-usage no longer, and, one day, he ran away from home. As he was trotting along the road he met a sparrow, who stopped him and said: ' Brother, why do you look so sad ? '
The dog answered: 'lam sad because I am hungry, and have nothing to eat.'
' If that's all, dear brother,' said the sparrow, ' come to the town with me, and I '11 soon get food for you.'
So they went together to the town, and when they came to a butcher's shop, the sparrow said to the dog: ' You stand still and I '11 peck down a piece of meat for you.'
First she looked all round to see that no one was watch­ing her, and then she set to work to peck at a piece of meat that lay on the edge of a shelf, till at last it fell down. The dog seized it ravenously, and ran with it to a dark corner where he gobbled it up in a very few minutes.
When he had finished it, the sparrow said : ' Now come with me to another shop, and I will get you a second piece, so that your hunger may be satisfied.' When the dog had finished the second piece of meat, the sparrow asked him: 'Brother, have you had enough now?'
'Yes,' replied the dog, ' I 've had quite enough meat but I haven't had any bread yet.'
The sparrow said : ' You shall have as much bread as you like, only come with me.' Then she led him to a
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