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baker's shop, and pecked so long at two rolls on a shelf that at last they fell down, and the dog ate them up.
But still his hunger was not appeased ; so the sparrow took him to another baker's shop, and got some more rolls for him. Then she asked him: ' Well, brother, are you satisfied? '
' Yes,' he replied ; ' and now let us go for a little walk outside the town.'
So the two went for a stroll into the country ; but the day was very hot, and after they had gone a short distance the dog said : ' I am very tired, and would like to go to sleep.'
' Sleep, then,' said the sparrow, ' and I will keep watch meantime on the branch of a tree.'
So the dog lay down in the middle of the road, and was soon fast asleep. While he was sleeping a carter passed by, driving a waggon drawn by three horses, and laden with two barrels of wine. The sparrow noticed that the man was not going out of his way to avoid the dog, but was driving right in the middle of the road where the poor animal lay ; so she called out: ' Carter, take care what you are about, or I shall make you suffer for it.'
But the carter merely laughed at her words, and, cracking his whip, he drove his waggon right over the dog, so that the heavy wheels killed him.
Then the sparrow called out: ' You have caused my brother's death, and your cruelty will cost you your wa«;2:on and horses.'
'Waggon and horses, indeed,'said the carter; 'I'd like to know how you could rob me of them! '
The sparrow said nothing, but crept under the cover of the waggon and pecked so long at the bunghole of one of the barrels that at last she got the cork away, and all the wine ran out without the carter's noticing it.
But at last he turned round and saw that the bottom of the cart was wet, and when he examined it, he found that one of the barrels was quite empty. ' Oh! what an unlucky fellow I am!' he exclaimed.
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