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you, but do not seek us or even write to us. It will be useless.'
In the same wrapper was a roll of paper with a few words as follows, traced in a hand unknown to Neangir:
' Traitors, you are no doubt in league with those magicians who have stolen the two daughters of the un­fortunate Siroco, and have taken from them the talisman given them by their father. You have kept my son from me, but I have found out your hiding-place and swear by the Holy Prophet to punish your crime. The stroke of my scimitar is swifter than the lightning.'
The unhappy Neangir on reading these two letters — of which he understood absolutely nothing — felt sadder and more lonely than ever. It soon dawned on him that he must be the son of the man who had written to Mohammed and his wife, but he did not know where to look for him, and indeed thought much more about the people who had brought him up and whom he was never to see again.
To shake off these gloomy feelings, so as to be able to make some plans for the future, Neangir left the house and walked briskly about the city till darkness had fallen. He then retraced his steps and was just crossing the threshold when he saw something at his feet sparkling in the moonlight. He picked it up, and discovered it to be a gold watch shining with precious stones. He gazed up and down the street to see if there was anyone about to whom it might belong, but there was not a creature visible. So he put it in his sash, by the side of a silver watcli which he had bought from the Jew that morning.
The possession of this piece of good fortune cheered Neangir up a little, ' for,' thought he, ' I can sell these jewels for at least a thousand sequins, and that will certainly last me till I have found my father.' And con­soled by this reflection he laid both watches beside him and prepared to sleep.
In the middle of the night he awoke suddenly and
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