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well and began to drink, but scarcely had he touched the water, than the tortoise seized him by the leg. The jackal shrieked out : ' Oh, you will break my leg!' but the tortoise only held on the tighter. The jackal then took his bag and tried to make the tortoise smell the honey­comb he had inside ; but the tortoise turned away his head and smelt nothing. At last the jackal said to the tortoise, 'I should like to give you my bag and everything in it,' but the only answer the tortoise made was to grasp the jackal's leg tighter still.
So matters stood when the other animals came back. The moment he saw them, the jackal gave a violent tug, and managed to free his leg, and then took to his heels as fast as he could. And the animals all said to the tortoise:
' Well done, tortoise, you have proved your courage; now we can drink from our well in peace, as you have got the better of that thieving jackal! '
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