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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' Yes, why not ? '
' What will you eat and drink if you should become hungry and thirsty by the way ? '
' We will eat grass and drink from streamlets.'
' Then take her, and bring her home.'
Then the hares set out, taking Letiko with them, and be­cause it was a long-way to her home they became hungry by the way. Then they said to the little girl: ' Climb this tree, dear Letiko, and remain there till we have finished eating.'
So Letiko climb­ed the tree, and the hares went grazing.
Tt was not very long, however, be­fore a lamia came under the tree and called out: ' Letiko, Letiko, come down and see what beauti­ful shoes I have on.'
' Oh! my shoes are much finer than yours.'
' Come down. I am in a hurry, for my house is not yet swept.'
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