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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' Go home and sweep it then, and come back when you are ready.'
Then the lamia went away and swept her house, and when she was ready she came back and called out: ' Letiko, Letiko, come down and see what a beautiful apron I have.'
' Oh ! my apron is much finer than yours.'
' If you will not come down I will cut down the tree and eat you.'
' Do so, and then eat me.'
Then the lamia hewed with all her strength at the tree, but could not cut it down. And when she saw that, she called out: ' Letiko, Letiko, come down, for I must feed my children.'
' Go home then and feed them, and come back when you are ready.'
When the lamia was gone away, Letiko called out: ' Little hares! little hares!'
Then said one hare to the other: ' Listen, Letiko is calling; ' and they both ran back to her as fast as they could go. Then Letiko came down from the tree, and they went on their way.
The lamia ran as fast as she could after them, to catch them up, and when she came to a field where people were working she asked them: ' Have you seen any one pass this way?'
They answered : ' We are planting beans.'
'Oh! I did not ask about that; but if anyone had passed this way.'
But the people only answered the louder: ' Are you deaf? It is beans, beans, beans we are plant­ing.'
When Letiko had nearly reached her home the dog knew her, and called out, ' Bow wow! see here comes Letiko! '
And the mother said, ' Hush ! thou beast of ill-omen! wilt thou make me burst with misery?'
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