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of meat and vegetables, which they put in a pot, and set on the fire, quite forgetting that the house door stood wide open. The youngest sister, however, took no part in all this, and when dinner was ready and the table laid, she stole softly out to the entrance hall, and hid herself behind a great cask which stood in one corner.
Now, while the other sisters were enjoying their feast, a witch passed by, and catching sight of the open door, she walked in. She went up to the eldest girl, and said: ' Where shall I begin on you, you fat bolster? '
'You must begin,' answered she 'with the hand which struck my little sister.'
80 the witch gobbled her up, and when the last scrap had disappeared, she came to the second and asked: ' Where shall I begin on you, my fat bolster?'
And the second answered, ' You must begin on my mouth, which spat on my sister.'
And so on to the rest; and very soon the whole six had disappeared. And as the witch was eating the last mouthful of the last sister, the youngest, who had been crouching, frozen with horror, behind the barrel, ran out through the open door into the street. Without looking behind her, she hastened on and on, as fast as her feet wrould carry her, till she saw an ogre's castle standing in front of her. In a corner near the door she spied a large pot, and she crept softly up to it and pulled the cover over it, and went to sleep.
By-and-by the ogre came home. ' Fee, Fo, Fum,' cried he, ' I smell the smell of a man. What ill fate has brought him here?' And he looked through all the rooms, and found nobody. ' Where are you?' he called. ' Do not be afraid, I will do you no harm.'
But the girl was still silent.
' Come out, I tell you,' repeated the ogre. ' Your life is quite safe. If you are an old man, you shall be my father. If you are a boy, you shall be my son. If your years are as many as mine, you shall be my brother. If
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