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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' How what hap­pened? ' asked the prince.
' My lord, a girl looked out of that window and spoke a few words to me, and I fell to the ground. For seven days and seven nights I lay there, unable to move. But, O my lord, it is not given to us twice to behold beauty such as hers.'
'It is a lie,' said the prince. ' An ogre dwells there. Is it likely that he keeps a maiden in his upper chamber?'
' Why not? ' replied the ox. ' But if you come here at dawn to­morrow, and hide be­hind that tree, you will see for yourself.'
' So I will,' said the prince; ' and if I find that you have not spoken truth, I will kill you.'
The prince left the garden, and the ox went on with his work. Next morning the prince came early to
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