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but this was only pretence, for her heart too was glad.
Next morning early came the prince, bringing with him bridal gifts, and splendid wedding garments, to carry the maiden back to his palace.
But before he let her go the ogre called her to him, and said, ' Be careful, girl, never to speak to the prince; and when he speaks to you, you must be dumb, unless he swears " by the head of Buk Ettemsuch." Then you may speak.'
' Very well,' answered the girl.
They set out; and when they reached the palace, the prince led his bride to the room he had prepared for her, and said ' Speak to me, my wife,' but she was silent; and by-and-by he left her, thinking that perhaps she was shy. The next day the same thing happened, and the next.
At last he said, ' Well, if you won't speak, I shall go and get another wife who will' And he did.
Now when the new wife was brought to the palace the daughter of Buk Ettemsuch rose, and spoke to the ladies who had come to attend on the second bride. ' Go and sit down. I will make ready the feast.' And the ladies sat down as they were told, and waited.
The maiden sat down too, and called out, ' Come here, firewood,' and the firewood came. l Come here, fire,' and the fire came and kindled the wood. ' Come here, pot.' ' Come here, oil;' and the pot and the oil came. 'Getinto the pot, oil!' said she, and the oil did it. When the oil was boiling, the maiden dipped all her fingers in it, and they became ten fried fishes. ' Come here, oven,' she cried next, and the oven came. ' Eire, heat the oven.' And the fire heated it. When it was hot enough, the maiden jumped in, just as she was, with her beautiful silver and gold dress, and all her jewels. In a minute or two she had turned into a snow-white loaf, that made your mouth water.
Said the loaf to the ladies, ' You can eat now; do not
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