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the centre upon a golden throne. His green eyes glittered like glass, his hands were as the claws of a crab. When he caught sight of the prince he uttered piercing yells, which shook the walls of the palace. The prince took no notice, but continued his advance on his knees towards the throne. When he had almost reached it, the king broke out into a laugh and said:
' It has been very lucky for you that you have been able to make me laugh. Stay with us in our under­ground empire, only first you will have to do three things. To-night it is late. Go to sleep; to-morrow I will tell you.'
Early the following morning the prince received a message that Kostie'i was ready to see him. He got up and dressed, and hastened to the presence chamber, where the little king was seated on his throne. When the prince appeared, bowing low before him, Kostie'i began :
' Now, Prince, this is what you have to do. By to-night you must build me a marble palace, with windows of crystal and a roof of gold. It is to stand in the middle of a great park, full of streams and lakes. If you are able to build it you shall be my friend. If not, off with your head.'
The prince listened in silence to this startling speech, and then returning to his room set himself to think about the certain death that awaited him. He was quite absorbed in these thoughts, when suddenly a bee flew against the window and tapped, saying, ' Let me come in.' He rose and opened the window, and there stood before him the youngest princess.
' What are you dreaming about, Prince?'
' I was dreaming of your father, wrho has planned my death.'
' Fear nothing. You may sleep in peace, and to­morrow morning when you awake you will find the palace all ready.'
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