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them myself. This time they shall not escape.' And he galloped off, foaming writh anger.
' I think I hear someone pursuing us,' said the princess.
' Yes, so do I.'
' And this time it is Kostiei' himself. But his power only reaches as far as the first church, and he can go no farther. Give me your golden cross.', So the prince un­fastened the cross which was his mother's gift, and the princess hastily changed herself into a church, the prince into a priest, and the horse into a belfry.
It wras hardly done when Kostie'i came up.
i Greeting, monk. Have you seen some travellers on horseback pass this way ? '
' Yes, the prince and Kostiei's daughter have just gone by. They have entered the church, and told me to give you their greetings if T met you.'
Then Kostiei knew that he had been hopelessly beaten, and the prince and princess continued their journey with­out any more adventures.
[Contes Populaires Slaves. Traduits par Louis Lt5ger. Paris : Lsroux, t^diteur.l
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