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The man at once placed a pea on a stone, and, drawing his bow, he shot it in the middle with the greatest possible ease.
When Moscione saw that he had spoken the truth, he immediately asked Hit-the-Point to join his party.
After they had all travelled together for some days, they came upon a number of people who were digging a trench in the blazing sun.
Moscione felt so sorry for them, that he said: ' My dear friends, how can you endure working so hard in heat that would cook an eo-g in a minute?'
But one of the workmen answered: i We are as fresh as daisies, for we have a young man among us who blows on our backs like the west wind.'
' Let me see him,' said Moscione.
The youth was called, and Moscione asked him: ' What's your name ; where do you come from, and what can you do ? '
He answered: 'I am called Blow-Blast, I come from Wind-town, and with my mouth I can make any winds you please. If you wish a west wind I can raise it for yon in a second, but if you prefer a north wind I can blow these houses down before your eyes.'
' Seeing is believing,' returned the cautious Moscione.
Blow-Blast at once began to convince him of the truth of his assertion. First he blew so softly that it seemed like the gentle breeze at evening, and then he turned round and raised such a mighty storm, that he blew down a whole row of oak trees.
When Moscione saw this he was delighted, and begged Blow-Blast to join his company. And as they went on their way they met another man, whom Moscione addressed as usual : ' "What's your name; where do you come from, and what can you do? '
' I am called Strong-Back: I come from Power-borough, aud I possess such strength that I can take a mountain on my back, and it seems a feather to me.'
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