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looked round the four points of the compass, and saw a little spark burning in the distance. He called out to his companions that he was sure there must be a house not far off, for he could see a light shining.
When he heard this, the donkey said at once: 'Then we must get up, and go and look for the house, for this is very poor shelter.' And the greyhound added: ' Yes; I feel I 'd be all the better for a few bones and a scrap or two of meat.'
So they set out for the spot where the light was to be seen shining faintly in the distance, but the nearer they approached it the brighter it grew, till at last they came to a brilliantly lighted house. The donkey being the biggest of the party, went to the window and looked in.
' Well, greyhead, what do you see? ' asked the cock.
41 see a well-covered table,' replied the donkey, ' with excellent food and drink, and several robbers are sitting round it, enjoying themselves highly.'
' I wish we were doing the same,' said the cock.
' So do I,' answered the donkey. ' Can't we think of some plan for turning out the robbers, and taking posses­sion of the house ourselves ? '
So they consulted together what they were to do, and at last they arranged that the donkey should stand at the window with his fore-feet on the sill, that the greyhound should get on his back, the cat on the doo-'s shoulder, and the cock on the cat's head. When they had grouped themselves in this way, at a given signal, they all began their different forms of music. The donkey brayed, the greyhound barked, the cat miawed, and the cock crew. Then they all scrambled through the window into the room, breaking the glass into a thousand pieces as they did so.
The robbers were all startled by the dreadful noise, and thinking that some evil spirits at the least were entering the house, they rushed out into the wood, their
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