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THE TWIN BROTHERS               331
When night came and he was in bed the princess asked him : ' What was the matter with you last night, that you never spoke a word to me?'
Then he cried out: 'That was not me, but my brother, and I have slain him, because he told me by the way that he had claimed you for his wife!'
' Do you know the place where you slew him ?' asked the princess, ' and can you find the body? '
' I know the place exactly.'
' Then to-morrow we shall ride thither,' said the princess.
Next morning accordingly they set out together, and when they had come to the place, the princess drew forth a small bottle that she had brought with her, and sprin­kled the body with some drops of the water so that im­mediately he became alive again.
When he stood up, his brother said to him : ' Forgive me, dear brother, that I slew you in my anger.' Then they embraced and went together to the Fairest in the Land, whom the unmarried brother took to wife.
Then the brothers brought their parents to live with them, and all dwelt together in joy and happiness.
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