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happens. Who is there to tell my husband what I do? and even if he should hear of my disobedience, he can­not make my life more miserable than it is already.'
So she slipped out and refreshed her poor, starved bocty with the fruit she plucked in the garden.
But a short time afterwards her husband returned unexpectedy and one of the horses instantly told him that Cannetella had gone into the garden, in his absence, and had stolen some oranges and grapes.
Scioravante was furious when he heard this, and seizing a huge knife from his pocket he threatened to kill his wife for her disobedience. But Cannetella threw herself at his feet and implored him to spare her life, saying that hunger drove even the wolf from the wood. At last she succeeded in so far softening her husband's heart that he said, ' I will forgive you this time, and spare your life ; but if you disobey me again, and I hear, on my return, that you have as much as moved out of the stall, I will certainly kill you. 80, beware; for I am going away once more, and shall be absent for seven years.'
With these words he took his departure, and Canne­tella burst into a flood of tears, and, wringing her hands, she moaned : ' Why was I ever born to such a hard fate? Oh! father, how miserable you have made your poor daughter! But, why should I blame my father? for I have only myself to thank for all my sufferings. I got the cursed head of gold, and it has brought all this misery on me. I am indeed punished for not doing as my father wished! '
When a year had gone by, it chanced, one day, that the king's cooper passed the stables Avhere Cannetella was kept prisoner. She recognised the man, and called him to come in. At first he did not know the poor princess, and could not make out who it was that called him by name. But when he heard Cannetella's tale of woe, he hid her in a big empty barrel he had with him,
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