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strength to call out, ' Lie down, Stick '; but as soon as he uttered the words the stick lay down, and ceased beating his back black and blue.
Although he had learnt a lesson at some cost to him-self, Antonio was full of joy, for he saw a way now of reven°im>- himself on the wicked landlord. Once more he arrived at the inn, and was received in the most friendly and hospitable manner by his host. Antonio greeted him cordially, and said: 'My friend, will you kindly take care of this stick for me? But, wliatever you do, don't say " Rise up, Stick." If you do, you will be sorry for it, and you need n't expect any sympathy from me.'
The landlord, thinking he was coming in for a third piece of good fortune, gave Antonio an excellent supper; and after he had seen him comfortably to bed, he ran to the stick, and calling to his wife to come and see the fun, he lost no time in pronouncing the words ' Rise up, Stick.'
The moment he spoke the stick jumped up and beat the landlord so unmercifully that he and his wife ran screaming to Antonio, and, waking him up, pleaded for mercy.
When Antonio saw how successful his trick had been he said : ' I refuse to help you, unless you give me all that you have stolen from me, otherwise you will be beaten to death.'
The landlord, who felt himself at death's door already, cried out: ' Take back your property, only release me from this terrible stick ; ' and with these words he ordered the donkey, the table-cloth, and other treasures to be restored to their rightful owner.
As soon as Antonio had recovered his belono-'mos he said ' Stick, lie down,' and it stopped beating the land­lord at once.
Then he took his donkey and table-cloth and arrived safely at his home with them. This time the magic
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